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Chris is the tubby, stupid, well-meaning son of the Griffins. Although he's usually just there for some quick jokes, he's had to the chance to fall in love and be a famous artist.

Lois: (Noticing Chris' pimple): Oh my God! Look at the size of that pimple, you're like a circus freak! (Laughs.) Aw, I'm just kidding, it means you're becoming a man, sweetie.
Peter: Yeah, I remember when I first became a man.
Doctor: The operation was a success. What are you going to go by now?
(Peter looks under his hospital gown)
Peter: Peter...
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Lois: Hey I know, lets play a game. Now I'm thinking of a movie.
Meg: Is it an action movie?
Chris: Who's in the movie?
Peter: Wait, is it a good movie?
Lois: Eh, it has its moments.
Peter: Cool Runnings
Lois: Yep!
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Chris: There's this game where you put in a dollar and you win four quarters. I win every time!
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Security Guard: Alright son, just give me those hams. (reaches into Chris' shirt)
Guard: Oh, your not a shoplifter, you're just a fat kid, aren't you, fatty fat fattington!
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(The Griffins at a grocery store)
Lois: Chris, would you run and get some milk? And be sure to get it from the back.
(Chris is reaching for some milk and a hand pops out. It grabs his hand and brings him into the A-Ha music video "Take On Me". Chris falls out from the music video onto the grocery store floor.)
Lois: Chris, where have you been?
Chris: I don't know!
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(Lois calls the house and Chris picks up phone)
Chris: Stephenson residence.
Lois: Chris, we've gone through this before. It's pronounced Griffin.
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Alyssa: If you destroy the petition, you can touch my boobs.
Chris: that a good thing?
Alyssa: Yes...yes it is.
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(Chris is sitting in kitchen, moping because he's fat, and Meg walks in.)
Meg: Whoa! Chris have you loot weight? You look wicked skinny! I'm jealous!
Chris: Really? Cause...cause I'm jealous of your mustache!
Meg: I don't have a mustache!!!!!
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