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Tricia Takanawa Quotes (1 - 5 out of 5)

Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa.

Tricia Takanawa: Diane, I'm standing outside the Park Barrington Hotel because they don't allow Asians inside.
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Tricia Takanawa: Thank you, Diane.  Sex.  Some people have it anonymously.  What kind of person would do that you might ask? Well, I'm about to find out. I've just picked up a complete stranger in a hotel bar and he's in the bathroom right now,  
possibly doing drugs. Watch as I have sex with this potentially dangerous man, as we take you in-depth and undercover.
(Quagmire walks into the room in his boxers and lays down on the bed.)
Quagmire: I've never had a Spanish chick before!  O-LE!!!
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Trisha Takinawa: Here comes Mayor Adam West himself. Mr. West, do you have any words for our viewers?
Mayor Adam West: Box, toaster, aluminum, maple syrup... no I take that one back. I'm gonna hold onto that one.
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Tricia: So Meg, how does it feel to be the center of attention?
Meg: Oh my god, you talkin to me? Are you talkin to me? (gasp) Ok, Ok, well, I thought a lot about it, and I...
Tricia: And here comes David Bowie!
Tricia: David, what bings you all the way to...
David Bowie: Shhhhhh! Oh baby, just you shut your mouth.
Tricia: Ooooh!Me love to meet Ziggy Stardust!I take you home!I make you fish ball soup!Fish ball!
Tom Tucker: Thank you, Tricia, for setting your people back a thousand years...
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Trisha Takanawa: For many, this charred portrait of Elizabeth II gives poignant new meaning to the phrase, "Hey, check out that flaming queen."
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