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Chauvinism Quotes (17 - 24 out of 29)

A loving husband? Perhaps, but Peter Griffin rarely gives his wife a lot of credit for being, well, a human being.

Brian: Hey, Peter, it's seven o'clock and you've still got your pants on. What's the occassion?
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Lois: I just wish my opinion mattered to you.
Peter: Well, the important thing is, it matters to you, and that's the greatest gift of all.
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Peter: When she worries she says things like 'I told you so,' and 'Stop doing that, I'm asleep.'
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Quagmire: Oh, Lois, I'd do everything to you.
Lois: What?
Quagmire: I'd do anything for you.
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Lois: Peter, maybe you had better let me drive.
Peter: Oh come on Lois. A woman driving a car. Hahaha.
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Peter: Here's to our wives! They may not be as hot as the women you see on TV, or as entertaining, but, um ... y'know, I don't know where I'm going with this, but thanks anyway.
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Stewie (slapping a girl in his daycare on the butt): Just look at that butt, that is a tight butt....hmmm
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Tom Tucker: Can my wife Stacey get you anything?
Stacey: Go to hell Tom.
Tom Tucker: Already there hun.
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